US Mobile Network

might not be a household name but a growing number of consumer choices makes this MVNO worthy of your attention. Operating on Verizon and T-Mobile’s networks, US Mobile offers exceptional coverage that easily competes with the ‘big boys’. Even better, US Mobile Network is giving Android Authority readers the chance to save $15 upon initial sign up.

To save $15, you’ll want to pick your plan and order a SIM card. Upon checkout you’ll see a box that says “Promo Code” and you’ll want to enter ANDAUSM. This will give you a $15 credit which can be used towards the SIM card ($4) and the rest can be used towards your first month of coverage.

Okay, so you can save extra when signing up for US Mobile, but why give them a chance? US Mobile stands out because the carrier doesn’t just give a few basic plans and then calls it a day, instead they give consumers the option to customize their call, text, and data with 800+ possible combinations.

Here’s a break down of their latest pricing tiers and options:

Custom Prepaid Plans Comparison


  • $2.5 _________40 minutes.
  • $3 _________ 100 minutes.
  • $5 __________300 minutes.
  • $6  _________600 minutes.
  • $8  ________1000 minutes.
  • $9 _________4000 minutes.


  • $1.5 ___________40 text
  • $2 ___________100 text
  • $3 ___________300 text
  • $4 ___________600 text
  • $5 ___________1000 text
  • $7 ___________4000 text


  • $2 ___________100 MB
  • $5 ___________300 MB
  • $8 ___________600 MB
  • $10 __________ 1 GB
  • $14__________ 2 GB
  • $20 _________ 3 GB

Unlimited Prepaid Plans

Us mobile Network is also offering unlimited Plans.

  • In just $10 get unlimited talk and text services.

A Low monthly bill  of

  • Unlimited Talk & Text + 5 GB standard data in just $25.                      (taxes not included)

Top-up offer

If running low Talk, Text and Data top-up your balance at any time.

  • You will get +40 Minutes, +100 Texts and +300 MB.

Don’t waste the chance join US Mobile Network Now with starter kit by custom and unlimited prepaid  plans. It’s only $3.

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Official Website

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